Digital Painting

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All of these drawings began as line drawings; I then used the computer to color them in. In this way no pigments were necessary. The drawings below are color coordinated according to temperature. This system can also bee seen as matching specific wavelengths of light with shapes that have a generalized average angle to the contours. The gestures of the shapes can be seen as tests of their strength revealing their properties. The stronger shapes are made up of molecules that are closer together and therefore can reflect shorter wavelengths such as blue violet, longer waves such as red cannot pass through to illuminate them as with the red shapes that are composed of more distantly spaced molecules. In this way the color is determined from the start. These drawings are exercises for the mind and are not intended to depict specific elements or compounds from life. The system is comparable to Plato's theory of forms in which ideas not material objects are studied. The system creates a spectrum that is also analogous to a chromatic musical scale so that magenta red is C and blue violet is B, as a homage to Issac Newton and his analogy of sound waves and light waves. However these drawings are made to be taken apart and recomposed as musical notation paintings, in this case each typology is representative of an octave, not key. Therefore the shapes may be any color but must be placed on the appropriate background color/temperature. The voids within these forms are created by imagining powerful sounds that move and open the forms at specific intervals, not simply that the forms are being pinged to produce percussive noise, I am not interested in that. I have placed these drawings online to help illustrate my thinking process.