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                                                                                                                 Clay Sculptures

                                                                                  Sculptures and Photography
                                                                                                                                                                               by Jon Axelrod


These clay sculptures are intended to come together in a number of possible configurations. Transforming in order to integrate the new forms that continue to appear. The sculptures have voids that act as interconnection devises meant to synthesize forms as a type of mosaic evolution.  The forms appear to come apart and to move.  Each form has an acoustic resonance that is affected by its elastic qualities, certain frequencies can only be generated with the proper material, when this material is folded it produces characteristic fringe patterns and fragmentations. There is a audible-visual language that can be revealed with clay in its levels of dry-ness. Fired clay Achieves a higher frequency and breaks very differently than wet clay. Which will produce lower frequencies. Sound is an abstraction in a vacuum, which is primary. Sound requires a conduit for both transition and vocalization. If the properties of these conduits are sequentially and rhythmically arranged then a audible symphony of dynamics can be achieved.     



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