I was born in Ft. Lauderdale Florida on July eighth 1982.  I lived in Boulder Colorado for 2 years and now I live in Brooklyn. I received a Bachelors degree from the Pratt Institute in painting, which gave me opportunities to have many exhibitions in Brooklyn. I have contributed too many group shows over the years and I had my first solo show in Manhattan in 2005.      

            I was always interested in nature, particularly, fossils, and geological time. I was interested in reading the clues left behind by nature, such as changes in ecological habitats over long stretches of time, which was always apparent in Florida. 

Many different artists are included in my family, we made collaborative books and art when I was a child that was very influential to me. My grand mother Harriet Solit was an artist, my father is a musician and my mother makes mosaics and writes beautifully. I was definitely influenced by my culture of origin which I see to be my immediate family and particularly my older brother Ben who creates robots and is involved in their programming. 

My family has a profound appreciation for nature but also for the ways in which it is mechanical. I believe my art is inspired by similar ideals in that my paintings appear organic and biological but are constructed in a rigorous analytical and even sometimes digital approach. I believe the most important thing my art can accomplish is to be original and still be visually and theoretically pertinent. I am interested in complexity and attention to detail, both as an image as well as the process. 

The most dramatic moment in my art was when I began using computers to create music. It has informed both my lyrical approach to visual art as well as my constructive and deconstructive processes. I have been working on my own form of graphic notation for many years and it has been a vital contribution to my paintings. This has been my most gratifying experience as an artist to translate my paintings into music and vice versa, my graphic notations have also been a vital contribution to my music. 

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