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Skateboard Surface Mathematics

Chronological Progression - Colored grip-tape collage, acrylic and marker on skateboards
120º, 30º, 45º

        When I skate these boards, I get the feeling of being inside a painting and that I am part of a different world. A world of pure mathematics with different rules of physics, like infinity and the feeling of being able to move forward and backward in time. 
        I also design the bottom of the board as well as the top. They have matching geometrical patterns with contrasting colors so that when the board flips it rapidly alternates between the two images.
I am interested in the optical illusions created by these designs. These patterns are meant to be seen in motion; different flip permutations create unique optical effects. I am exploring patterns that are designed for visualizing information in transformation. 


              Thermo-numerical color - Acrylic marker, Colored grip-tape collage on Skateboard - December 2013

                Thermo-morphic color - Acrylic Marker, colored Grip-tape collage on skateboard - September 2013

               Contrasting colors - Spray Paint and colored grip-tape collage on Skateboard - August 2013