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A Symmetrical Skateboard Pushing Mode


        I might have found a new and different way to push on a skateboard that was overlooked. It involves pushing with the front foot, then half way through the push the back foot is shuffled up into the front foot position; the pushing foot is then placed in the back foot position. This switches the stance as the foot steps. When the action is repeated continuously, each foot can push off the ground in alternation. It's a gait which distributes the forces symmetrically and continually across the body. It is not as powerful as the traditional mode of pushing is, but building up speed more slowly puts less strain on body over time.     

        Pushing on a skateboard with both legs in alternation, or sliding the back foot up, in themselves are not new. But, if these two motions are synchronized it becomes something else. The schematic shows the back foot sliding up around stage 3-4. I didn't discover how to push in alternation with this particular shuffle step until about 25 years after getting my first skateboard. I have been practicing this new way of pushing since 2013. Now I find the most energy efficient way to push on a skateboard to be about 2-4 steps at a time with each leg before switching stance on the last step. The benefits of this new mode are mostly seen at lower speeds and long distances.

J.P. Axelrod
May 15, 2014

Image 1 : ink on paper, digitally inverted. May 17 2014 Approx. Actual size.

Image 2 : ink on paper, May 17 2014 Approx. Actual size.